means betting on the growth of your business.

E-BUCK, a trusted online business.

With an increasing number of visits every month, E-buck shows consistency and evolution. We welcome new sellers every day who choose to take advantage of our trusted online business to take their business to the next level.

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Your products online, with no fees or headaches.

E-buck provides you with a modern, secure and publicized website, all for free! Indeed, E-buck wants to help start-up businesses or those starting online by offering their sales platform free of charge. It is only when your business has taken off and you have reached sales of over $ 10,000 on our platform that you will be charged a fee of 5% per sale. Isn’t that wonderful!

A complete and easy-to-use dashboard.

Our platform will allow you to easily upload your products and more:

  • Your own seller page
  • Viewing your store policies
  • Display of the opening hours of your store
  • Creation of products in French and English
  • Ledger account
  • Display of customer notes
  • Post Canada delivery tracking
  • Creation of discount coupon
  • Support ticket management
  • and much more!

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